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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Living room ideas category

Living room does not mean an area filled with sofa sets, sectionals, coffee tables, and sometimes entertainment consoles as well. This is the area where you and your family may spend major part of the day – other than office hours and sleeping hours; where you bond with your family spending time seeing movies, listening to music, or playing games etc. This is the area that the visitors see first when they visit you. This must showcase your decorating skill and artistic abilities and impress the guests.

What are the important aspects you need to pay attention when the living room is being designed and decorated? The aim is creating a gracious and sophisticated look that will impress the visitors and guests at the first glance. 

You need to create a warm and welcoming look for this room. You must plan on optimizing the space available into something both comfortable and yet stylish in a sensible and refined manner that can spell out your individual character and style.

One of the best ways to create an idea of space and airy looks is to get a suitable wall color scheme. Light cool pastel shades – like cream, beige, off-white and pale yellows – are shades that can make your room look more spacious and bigger. 

Walls with these shades will reflect all the light that fall on them. With a white ceiling, you can get a high ceiling airy spacious look for your living room easily. You can fill the room with lights and mirrors to create luxurious ambience and grand look. Get great living room ideas from the below gallery.

Living room ideas category

Furniture is another important aspect of living room decor. Whether your choice is wood, metal or a combination of both, you can check out the innumerable options available online as well in the furniture shops. There are no hard and fast rules about what furniture should be used in the living room designs and how they should be placed. 

Try to balance the furniture with the space available so that there is overall harmony and happy accord. A professional decorator can help to decide what will suit your lifestyle and your home style.

Lighting is very important for adding to the space and ambience of the room. Wall sconces, chandeliers, focus light for lighting up decorative artifacts and other curio collection that are displayed – all must find a place in your living room to bring out the luster of your furniture, sheen of your upholstery and the beauty of the accessories etc. A beautiful carpet will add to the luxurious look and colorful cushions and throws can bring a fresh contrast.

Though you may look at online pictures and photos of celebrity homes, follow your own instinct when you are doing the living room designs and decorations. This will be your home and you need to give free rein to your ideas and liking. The living room should be an extension of your very self and your specialties and characteristics. 

It should mirror your aesthetics and taste. It should reflect your style and character. When you do it right, your living room will be looking its best, a very cozy comfortable room with a warm and welcoming ambience where you, your family as well your guests will find immense joy and pleasure.

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