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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bedroom decorating ideas category

Bedrooms are not just spaces where you sleep at night. A well-designed and beautifully created bedroom is a personal zone – which can make your home a real relaxing retreat from everyday stress and strain. This is where you retire for rest and relaxation. Many a time, the very image of a relaxing and well-appointed bedroom can soothe you and comfort you with a promise of total peace and harmony in times of stress.

Different bedroom decorating ideas are needed for the bedrooms in your home. You may need – for your master bedroom – something very personal and private as well most comfortable and cozy; for kids’ room – something fresh and colorful – something bright and cheerful that children will love and enjoy. 

And you may like an entirely different decor for guest bedrooms. In a small home, you may have to plan for a day-bed in your living room for an overnight guest. Each bedroom decor can be different and can look most elegant and beautiful.

Though each bedroom has different needs of decor, furniture and furnishings, the basics are kind of same. Good comfortable and sleep-inducing bed and other bedroom furniture, warm and pretty looking wall decor, furnishings and accessories to enhance the look of furniture and wall decor are needed. Also most needed is suitable and sufficient lighting to make the room spacious, gracious and beautifully well lit.

Essential bedroom furniture normally consists of a double bed of sufficient size, matching nightstands for the bedstead, good comfy mattresses, a dressing table with a couple of chairs and a wardrobe to hold your personal effects. 

Bedroom decorating ideas category

With a spacious bedroom, you can add a bed-end bench and a writing desk for checking mail, writing letters etc. Additional welcoming features can be a TV – either wall-hung or footboard-mounted and music system – with controls and connections provided in the headboard. Get great from our images gallery below.

Wall decor must be to suit the purpose of the bedroom – that is to relax you and calm you. Actually keeping the ceiling color white is a good idea. A smallish room will benefit with pastel shades to make the room look spacious and look comfortable and relaxing. If you happen to have a biggish room, have warm colors to make it look cozy and intimate. For kids’ rooms, you can mix and match two colors so that the room looks cheerful and alive.

Furnishings need to match bedroom furniture upholstery – have double drapery if your window faces direct sunlight. Have lace and sheer curtain to let in maximum light. Bring a touch of color with area rugs and cushions in contrast as well matching shades. Have the best bed linen to have a soft and luxurious place to relax when you come home after a stressful day outside at the office etc.

Lighting is as very important aspect of your bedroom decoration. Have combination and layered lighting with ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps, and reading lamps and also think about having motion sensor lights in the alcoves and bathroom entrance area. Choose accessories that will reflect your personal taste and style.

Make your bedroom the retreat you will enjoy every day of your life with best design, beautiful furniture, lavish furnishings, luxurious lighting and elegant accessories.

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