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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beautiful Lighting for Brightly Lit Kitchens

There are many reasons to make kitchen lighting a very important décor aspect. Today people are ready to make their kitchens prettiest and most beautiful by giving it a great amount of natural light, ambient light from chandeliers and target light from other light sources. A well-lit kitchen is a safe kitchen – safe to do everyday tasks easily and quickly. A well-lit kitchen is also a very pretty and handsome looking room.

Functional and stylish – these two are the most popular keywords when you talk of kitchen. Just because we need good light for inside the home, we cannot just crowd the kitchen with inelegant and unsophisticated looking tube lights. We need to combine style and sophistication to get the best lighting – to win approval and appreciation by visitors and guests.

Task lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, under cabinet lights – all are different ways to light up the area in the kitchen. They give ambient and spot lighting effect to the area. Kitchen is the place where you need more light; you do not need any dark corners or dingy nooks. Brightly lit kitchen looks spacious and uncluttered.

Beautiful Lighting for Brightly Lit Kitchens

Ceiling lights at the ceiling level alone cannot be sufficient for all areas. These lights give ambient light throughout the room. But areas under the tables, corner areas and under the cabinets and shelves may not have sufficient light. Also we may need extra light over dining area, over working area, over cooking area and over washing area – so all these places need different kind of lights and sufficient amount of light.

Where we cook, we will need focused lighting while we are doing the stirring, boiling and other cooking related activities. We will need task light for this purpose. Also we need separate and focused light where we are doing cutting, chopping, mixing etc. Wash area near the sink needs good amount of light so we can see when we do washing, cleaning etc.

Pendant lights are another good option like wall sconces. A pendant at higher level lights up a larger area, but at a lower level, this works as a focus light. A chandelier – mini size or even a three-cluster or four cluster lamps above the dining table – will look good and give a touch of opulence. Here are some images of beautifully designed kitchen that looks stunning and gorgeously bright. Check how to make your kitchen look as brightly lit?

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