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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bathroom designs category

Bathrooms, whether attached to the bedroom or down the hall, are high-traffic areas which need special attention while designing and decorating. Some may be beautiful designer bathrooms with built-in spa or a Jacuzzi and some may be tiny bathrooms just enough to accommodate the barest minimum essentials. Whatever be the size, style, and decor of the bathroom, the basic requirements are almost the same which make for enjoyable, clean-looking, comfortable and relaxing bathrooms.

What are the basic criteria for bathroom designs? Safe and slide-proof flooring, clean and elegant wall color/decor, pretty-looking vanities and mirrors are important. But equally important are sufficient lighting options, good and proper ventilation, fittings and sanitary fixtures that are attractive to look at and practical for use and plenty of storage option to keep the bathroom look clutter free and neat. All of these features when combined aesthetically will bring about a well-designed comfortable-to-use bathroom.

If you do not have budgetary restraints and an inclination for luxury fittings, today a variety of beautiful fixtures and fittings, vanities and mirrors, lightings and accessories, spas and showers and floorings and wall finishes are available so that you can get five-star quality bathroom at home easily. Even if your taste runs to the simple and elegant, you can still get easily a streamlined, classic and clean-lined bathroom design that looks aesthetically beautiful, clutter-free and cute looking as well.

Bathroom designs category

Generally there are three distinct areas in the bathroom that need proper attention to details; the toilet area, sink and area where you groom yourself, and the bathing /showering area – all these generally characterize the bathroom and its look. A separately enclosed shower area may help in the morning rush as much as having dual sinks/vanities for usage concurrently. Powder rooms can double up as guest baths with just a sink and a toilet.

Additional measures can be added make the bathrooms safe for the very young and very old people. Slip or skid resistant flooring surface, grab bars to hold on, motion sensor lights along the path, no sharp edges in the cabinets/counters and sufficient light in corners and under-the cabinets are some safety features that can make bathing times no-worry times. Towel warmers, task lights over the sinks, touch-sensitive taps, and with aerators as well soap dispenser with sensors are additional features that you can add.

Make your bathroom energy efficient as well take measures to contain water wastage. Solar powered lighting and heating options and CFL lighting are favorite options. Likewise low-flow toilet or dual-flow toilet, low-flow showers are additional features for economical use of water. Windows and skylights are good options for utilizing whatever natural lighting that is available and for ventilation.

As the bathroom is a high-risk area prone to continuous water usage, moisture and water vapor, and condensation risks, care should be taken that wall panels, ceiling and flooring all are anti-bacterial, rust proof and mound proof fittings are used. Sufficient ventilation is a must to combat the water condensation and moisture occurrence. You can pretty up with a pot of greenery in the window ledge to make the room look more beautiful.

A well-designed and well-furnished bathroom can add to the value of your home greatly and make your time in their very enjoyable.

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